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Jason Aldean hit the radio airwaves in 2005 with his first single "Hicktown" off his debut album Jason Aldean. That album also produced the hits "Amarillo Sky" and his first #1 single "Why", which are still popular songs today. In his young career Jason Aldean has already won numerous ACM Awards, CMT Awards, CMA Awards, American Country Awards and he has sold millions of albums worldwide. This is the Official site for Jason Aldean fans to listen to Jason Aldean Songs and watch his Music Videos.

Jason Aldean was born Jason Aldine Williams on February 28, 1977 in Macon, Georgia. His family includes parents Barry and Debbie, and daughters Keeley and Kendyl. Jason Aldean loved country music and playing guitar since a young age and he began playing at local clubs in Georgia by the age of 15. He moved to Nashville at the age of 21 and after stuggling for a few years was signed by Broken Bow Records and the rest has become history.


Top Jason Aldean Party Songs

My Kinda Party

Crazy Town

Dirt Road Anthem

She's Country


Take A Little Ride

Johnny Cash



Top Jason Aldean Slow Songs

Don't You Wanna Stay


The Truth

Burnin' It Down

Laughed Until We Cried

See You When I See You

Fly Over States

Staring At The Sun

Even If I Wanted To



Jason Aldean Albums


Jason Aldean (2005)


1. Hicktown

2. Amarillo Sky

3. Why

4. Even If I Wanted To

5. Lonesome USA

6. Asphalt Cowboy

7. I'm Just A Man

8. You're The Love I Wanna Be In

9. Good To Go

10. I Believe In Ghosts

11. She Loved Me


Relentless (2007)


1. Johnny Cash

2. Laughed Until We Cried

3. Do You Wish It Was Me

4. I Use What I Got

5. Who's Kissing You Tonight

6. Relentless

7. My Memory Ain't What It Used To Be

8. No

9. Back In This Cigarette

10. Grown Woman

11. I Break Everything I Touch

12. Not Every Man Lives


Wide Open (2009)


1. Wide Open

2. This I Gotta See

3. Fast

4. Crazy Town

5. Don't Give Up On Me

6. She's Country

7. On My Highway

8. Keep The Girl

9. Big Green Tractor

10. The Truth

11. Love Was Easy

12. The Best Of Me


My Kinda Party (2010)


1. Tattoos On This Town

2. Dirt Road Anthem

3. Church Pew or Bar Stool

4. Just Passing Through

5. Fly Over States

6. My Kinda Party

7. I Ain't Ready to Quit

8. It Ain't Easy

9. Country Boy's World

10. Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting

11. Texas Was You

12. Don't You Wanna Stay

13. See You When I See You

14. If She Could See Me Now

15. Days Like This


Night Train (2012)


1. This Nothin' Town

2. When She Says Baby

3. Feel That Again

4. Wheels Rollin'

5. Talk

6. The Only Way I Know

7. Take A Little Ride

8. I Don't Do Lonely Well

9. Night Train

10. 1994

11. Staring at the Sun

12. Drink One For Me

13. Black Tears

14. Walking Away

15. Water Tower




Jason Aldean #1 Singles

This is a list of the Jason Aldean Songs that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.



She's Country

Big Green Tractor

The Truth

Don't You Wanna Stay

Dirt Road Anthem

Fly Over States

Take A Little Ride


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Jason Aldean Concert Reviews


Jason Aldean is currently on tour and these are some reviews of his show!


Bayou Country Superfest, Tiger Stadium


Jason Aldean rocked the Bayou Country Superfest finale Sunday at Tiger Stadium and it was a great end to an outstanding weekend of country music. Aldean began his show nearly an hour late as he bounced onto the stage at 10:55 p.m. to the accompaniment of towers of flame, clouds of smoke and blinding white light. The first song "Hicktown" welded the hard-rock riffs of Aerosmith and free and furiously heavy drums of Metallica to Southern-accented lyrics about high-spirited antics in a proudly small, rural community. The partying on an all-cylinder pace continued with song two of the night, "My Kinda Party," another industrial-strength country rock song.

Jason Aldean, looking the part in his cowboy hat and blue jeans with matching holes in the knees, occupied the stage with the swaggering self-confidence you'd expect from a rock star. His 2014 headlining set showed how much he's grown. Getting a reaction that is constantly demonstrative from his Tiger Stadium fans, Aldean clearly was among his people. The audience, which stayed despite the late hour Sunday in big amounts, didn't need to be asked to sing along. Aldean stuck to themes about rowdy good times and those who live in rural communities and small towns. Alongside his mainly raucous songs that are loved by many, there were some slower songs mixed in like "Tattoos on This Town" and "Fly Over States." Aldean said he does not give a damn about what noncountry people believe, and he enjoys writing and recording songs that he believes in.

Like Aldean, multiple artists sang at this weekends Superfest about country life, but Aldean does such content particularly nicely. And despite the incongruity of a song called "Johnny Cash" that sounds like Aerosmith's "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," it is still a great tune. In contrast to the competitive country rock that dominated Aldean's show, "Big Green Tractor," a hit from his 2009 record "Wide Open," was entirely genteel. It is a sweet love song, after all, inspired by a young lady and a tractor. Aldean later combined the best of both worlds with his rendition of Canadian singer Bryan Adams' ballad "Heaven."
Ballads were scarce because a worthy headliner for Superfest, Aldean, came to party and proclaim his allegiances. His after-midnight encore, "She's Country," was another announcement of proud American redneck independence.

Jason Aldean isn't a man skilled in the finer arts of subtlety. Indicating his entry to Tiger Stadium where he closed out the fifth year of Bayou Country Superfest on May 25, graphics shown the lighting of a match, which promptly set a cowboy hat and guitar on fire, followed by actual fire and raging, distorted guitars. The point was straightforward: He will take your state tradition and do you-know-what with it. And that, he'll have you know, suits him just fine. "It's come to my attention in the last couple years that there are folks who don't like songs that talk about certain things. "So, for those people who don't enjoy these songs -- here's another one right here." Aldean's hour and a quarter set gushed forth a flow of his largest rock country tunes, sprinkled heavy-handedly with power ballads.

The fiery images gave way first to "Burn It Down" -- find what he did there? -- Aldean himself was wearing torn jeans, a straw-coloured cowboy hat, boots and a short-sleeve button down. "It's great to be back here. ... We value it," he said to the crowd, noting that this trip indicates his third Bayou Country Superfest. "We're not going to waste lots of time. The proposal appeared to suit the thousands standing after three days of sunshine and music in Tiger Stadium. The hour delay in Aldean's start time caused largely by the domino effect of lateness before in the day scarcely appeared to have much of an effect on the number still left in the audience. Aldean played to a sold out crowd of 41,000 to open the Indy 500 earlier in the day and he was still ready to party with the big crowd at Superfest.

"Amarillo Sky" gave way to "Big Green Tractor," which left the audience awash in lime green light. Unfortunately, the one thing was the pedal steel guitar. Most of the time, its sounds were left by Aldean's distorted guitars behind in fog machine-fueled dust. Happily, we heard some of it during ballads like "Night Train," "Don't You Wanna Stay?" and his cover of "Heaven." Of course, all that gave way to twisted guitars and flash. During "Crazy Town," genuine fire crackers and lights popped during the "bang, bang, bangs" of the refrain.

Aldean is a performer who's going to do precisely as he pleases and not feel guilty about it, as he should not. What he does works, for all of its entertainment. Wrapping up the night and another year of Bayou Country Superfest, Aldean sang his 2009 hit, "She's Country," as his three guitarists strode the runway. For his part, Aldean broke open a Coors Light, before launching it into the audience spraying the foam. He turned his back and strode back toward the stage, awash in swagger.


Rome, Georgia


I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to a Jason Aldean concert. For those of you oblivious, Jason Aldean is a country music star who has many popular Number 1 hit songs. To realize how big of a surprise it is for me to go to this show, you ought to know I am a tremendous supporter of what I call "real country." That is to say, old traditional country music that I grew up listening to. Give me some Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, George Jones, or Willie Nelson. I'm very stubborn. If it ain't Johnny or Willie or Conway it ain't country.

So imagine my dismay when, in a show of the love I bear my wife and our great friends, I hesitantly consented to attend a Jason Aldean concert. Before this, all I understood about Jason Aldean was that he sings that dumb song about a dang green tractor that he wants to take you for a ride on. I understood Jason wore torn jeans and an earring. That is it. I mean really, what self respecting country singer is named Jason and wears an earring? To make matters worse, the auto ride to the concert at Lakewood Amphitheater included my wife's mother who ADORES Jason Aldean. And she was sweet as pie. I could not even loathe her. Certainly this was some sort of a test from the country music gods and Jesus. Absolutely this was my 40 days in the desert. It'd test my patience and my faith.

We listened to Jason Aldean songs the whole way to the concert, and I was white-knuckling till we got there.
Every girl there was wearing a sundress bought from TJ Maxx and cowboy boots. No originality. No individualism. They all looked the same. Some had no business wedging themselves into a small sundress, and all had gone to the tanning salon that day to get themselves looking good for the show. But they all believed they were "cute country girls." Here's a little tip for ya. Merely because you were raised in a trailer park in Aragon and you've been drinking Natural Light since you were 13 doesn't make you a "cute country girl." Many were intoxicated before the concert started, and the guy in front of me was hollering over an empty bottle of Fireball whiskey, while his wife sought for his missing glasses in the numerous pockets of his cargo shorts. I could see George Jones rolling over in his grave.

Florida-Georgia Line opened the show for Jason Aldean and they are quite interesting. Now clearly the skinny jeans, tight T shirt duo have a few chart toppers to their names and they have become extremely popular. But it really isn't my thing. The girls were going insane, and the music was thumping from the gigantic speakers. When there's more bass than banjo in your music, it ain't country. Finally Jason Aldean took to the stage in true rock star style. There were fire and sparks (his tour is called the Burn It Down tour), and he slid down a big flaming "A" onto the stage. The inebriated girls next to us went berserk. It was too chilly to be wearing short shorts, but at a Jason Aldean concert there ain't no way they were gonna cover up what the good lord gave 'em. I started relaxing and tried to understand the concert for what it was, as it progressed. Maybe I was too quick to judge. Everyone was having an excellent time, and I will say this about Jason Aldean, he knows how to work the bunch. He is quite the entertainer.

His songs sounded more like rock than anything else, but they were fairly catchy, and all the drunk girls around us knew every single word although the correct notes evaded them. The hit songs kept coming, and Jason did not let up. I even recognized I had heard a few of the songs like My Kinda Party on the radio, and a few of the choruses were catchy. At the ending of the night I determined that it wasn't a horrible experience, and I actually did have a good time, and perhaps the spirits of Geroge Jones are still resting in peace after understanding I didn't forsake them for contemporary country.
Now do not get carried away. In no way am I suddenly a fan of current country. Myself am still very much a purist. But I think there's a place for all it somewhere in the vast world of country music.

In close, I would like to say I will keep an open mind when it comes to modern country. But in my heart no one can ever touch the greats -- and just because you put the words "pickup truck" or "shotgun" in your pop song, it doesn't make it country.


Jason Aldean Awards



Jason Aldean has already won numerous awards for his outstanding singing and performances. Here is a list of some of his accomplishments!


Top New Male Vocalist at the 2005 ACM Awards.

Album of the Year for My Kinda Party at the 2011 CMA Awards.

Musical Event of the Year for Don't You Wanna Stay at the 2011 CMA Awards.

Artist of the Year at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Album of the Year for My Kinda Party at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Single of the Year: Male for My Kinda Party at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Single of the Year: Vocal Collaboration for Don't You Wanna Stay at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Touring Headline Act of the Year at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Vocal Event of the Year for Don't You Wanna Stay at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Single Record of the Year for Don't You Wanna Stay at the 2011 American Country Awards.

Top Country Album for My Kinda Party at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Top Country Song for Dirt Road Anthem at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

CMT Performance of the Year for Tattoos On This Town at the 2012 CMT Awards.

Touring Artist of the Year at the 2012 American Country Awards.

Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2012 ACM Awards.

Vocal Event of the Year for The Only Way I Know at the 2012 ACM Awards.

Collaborative Video of the Year for The Only Way I Know at the 2013 CMT Music Awards.



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